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Image of the Roque customer portal that customers can use to submit Rx's, view current and past cases, request shipping and pickup, handle their accounting, set their preferences, and speak with customer service.

1. Sign Up / Sign In

Sign in with your account using the Customer portal link in the navigation bar or click the link below:
Customer Portal

If you do not have an account yet, check out our onboarding guide. This will walk you through account creation and acquaint you with everything Roque from how to send cases, setting up auto-pay, scheduling shipping or pick-up, and there's even a checklist included for you and your staff for getting the perfect intra-oral scan.

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2. Submit Your Rx

In the customer portal, hover your mouse cursor over "Cases" on the left-hand toolbar, click "Submit Rx" in the pop-up menu, and let us know what you'd like.

Do remember to Submit the Rx with your patient's scans too! We accept: .dcm, .obj, .ply, and .stl

cartoon representation of the submit rx menu

3. Your Rx Wishes Are Granted

Once the Rx is submitted, our technicians will work their magic and make your written prescription come to life.

All you will need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your case tracker as it runs on by from creation to fruition.

A 3d printed maxillary arch with a rapid palatal expander soldered to 3D printed bands.

The Appliances

These are given the right touch and made by the right people. Not sure what appliance to use? We have technicians with the knowledge you need to help you pick the perfect appliance for your patient's treatment.  We strive for a patient's successful treatment too!


Spring Retainers:
Standard Spring Aligner
3 - 3 Spring Retainer
Mushroom Spring Aligner
Upper Modified Spring Clip Retainer
Combo Spring with Helix Coils
Combo Spring with Roger Loops
Loop Arch Adapter
Bloore Spring ALigner
Inman Aligner

Flat Plane Splint
Impak Splint
Overlay Splint
Hard Nightguard
Splint with Reinforcement Wire
Mini Deprogrammer
Mora-Gelb Splint
Repositioning Splint
Dual Laminate Hard Soft
Dual Laminate Hard Soft Premium

Standard Hawley
Phase 1 Hawley
Wrap Around Hawley
Clear Bow Wrap Around Hawley
Invisible Retainer
Bonded Lingual Retainer

Removable Distalizers
Upper 3 Screw Sagittal
Upper 2 Screw Sagittal
Lower 2 Screw Sagittal
Lower 3 Screw Sagittal
Upper Three-Way Sagittal Posterior Cut Single Screw

Removable Expanders:
Maxillary Schwartz
Mandibular Schwartz
Upper 3-Way Expander

Removable Class Correctors:
Bionator I
Twin Block

Removable Bite Plates:
Posterior Bite Plate
Posterior Bite Plate with Labial Bow and Four Clasps
Anterior Bite Plate with Labial Bow and Four Clasps
Anterior Bite Plate with Labial Bow and Two Clasps
Anterior Bite Plate with Four Clasps


Bonded Palatal Expander
E-Arch Expander (Arnold Expander)
Fan Type Expander
Haas Palatal Expander
Leaf Expander
W Arch Expander
Mini RPE
Quad Helix Expander

Space Maintainers:
Band and Loop
Lingual Arch
Lingual Arch with Adjustment Loops
Nance Holding Arch
Step Down Lingual Arch
Transpalatal Arch (TPA)
Transpalatal Nance (TPA Nance Combo)
Pedo Partial

Bite Plates:
Fixed Anterior Bite Plate

Habit Breakers:
Tongue Loop
Habit Crib with Rake
Thumb Crib
Tongue Habit
Hay Rake
TPA Tongue Bead Retrainer

Distal Jet

Class Correctors:
Hanks Telescopic Herbst


Working Model Design
Digital Study Models

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