Why use Digital Study Models?

  • Save storage space
  • Save time: easy to retrieve & view
  • Save money on impression materials
  • Integrates with practice management systems, such as Dolphin & Orthotrac

Analysis Feature: Tooth width, Bolton, Moyers, Tanaka & Johnston analysis.

  • Accurate laser scanning process
  • Easy to share & present to the patient
  • More efficient processes of diagnosis & treatment planning
  • Environmentally friendly

Model Manipulations: Rotate, Tilt, Zoom, Open, Close.

  • No start up or hidden fees
  • Free viewer software
  • Free storage for 15 years
  • One lab for all your needs

Only $15 per case!
(upper, lower & articulated model)

Model Measurement: 2D and 3D point to point measurement.

3D Model Analysis: Overjet, Overbite, Crossbites, Cross-sectional measurement.

Arch Setup: Setup of mesial and distal points on each arch for analysis and virtual setup functions.

Virtual Setup: Extract and move teeth for diagnostic setup.


  • Please have doctor check each impression for distortions, discrepancies, etc.
  • Send wax bite to ensure correct occlusion
  • Additional fees will be added if impressions are not poured

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!